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20November, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

Bible Translation Takes Hold in Refugee Camp

Early each morning, a loud speaker crackles as it prepares to relay the morning call to prayer from a nearby mosque—a poignant reminder that God’s Word is desperately needed in this place. The setting is the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, which is currently home to 185,000 refugees from numerous African countries.

Despite the tragic circumstances these people have endured, hope is growing in the camp, especially among our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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12November, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

Coffee, Tea, and John 3:16

How a former Muslim imam began a house church that is now 250 believers strong.

Bakti* doesn’t have any training in evangelism. Nor does he have a seminary degree. In fact, he used to be a Muslim imam (worship leader). But what Bakti does have is a passion for Jesus and a God-given talent for hospitality. And in his village in Southeast Asia, that was enough to start a church!

His approach was quite simple: open the door to his home and invite people in for coffee and tea. Oh, and write the John 3:16 passage on his walls and ceiling.

Then, after serving their drinks, Batki would ask his guests if they would like to receive salvation. That usually led to inquiries about the writings on the wall to which he would respond, “Believe Jesus, and you will be saved.” Then he let God do the rest.

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08November, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

Opportunity for an Instructional Designer

Wycliffe Associates is looking for an experienced Instructional Designer who will help us dramatically accelerate Bible translation by preparing tools and resources for Bible translators. If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity to share God’s Word in every language, will you please read on and share this with your network?

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01November, 2018

Prayer Coordinator

Prayer Watch: Print On Demand Makes Scripture Available

I am sure you’ve been praying for the people of Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, recovering from the deadly triple-disasters: earthquake, tsunami, and volcano eruption! Oh, dear ones, please keep praying. Pray for the responders—for energy to serve the people well. Pray for the believers, pastors, and church leaders to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the midst of all the pain. They will be needed for the long haul, providing care in the weeks and months ahead. Pray for their health and strength.

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29October, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

Devotion: Be a Blessing

We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 1:3 (NIV)

“If you asked me on Thursday at noon of the second week if the goal would be reached, I would have had to say, ‘I don’t think so.’ However, we serve a big and mighty God,” reported Robert at the end of an awe-inspiring MAST workshop in Southeast Asia.

One language group of thirty-five local people gathered, representing twenty-three churches and eleven different denominations. The goal was huge: to translate and type the entire New Testament in two weeks.

The thirty-five people were divided into groups. The hard work began at a good pace. Then came the difficulties: people got sick, several didn’t arrive, one was called back to the village, two were called back to work, and more. The Enemy worked hard to halt the translation of God’s Word.

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