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The stories that follow are unforgettable moments, miracles glimpsed, as faithful translators overcome challenges and endure trials that are difficult for Westerners to comprehend, all so believers might finally have God’s Word in a language they can understand.


It’s also a place where pockets of believers live, clinging to Scripture in other languages that have been passed down over the years. Many times, our team saw believers reciting Scripture they had memorized in a language that was not their own. How profound to see God’s Word treasured and handed down like precious jewels.


Pray with us that one day soon, the Scriptures will be available in every language in this region for all to read and share, to study and live by.

Tsunamis, cyclones, various illnesses, and other crises compound the poverty and huge need for the people in this part of Asia and Oceania. But still, they absolutely exude joy! Their faith is so strong, and their gratitude runs so deep that Christians around the world care enough to help them begin and continue translating Scripture into the language of their people.


Two women were translating the Bible together when they began exclaiming praise and laughing in joy. They expressed to us the importance of translation for them as believers. One of them said, “Translating the Bible in Waya is letting us understand it in a better way. We have a deeper understanding.”

Then they burst into spontaneous song, singing, “Vinaka Jisu, Vinaka Jisu.” Translated, the words to their song were, “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.” After this beautiful chorus, the ladies put their heads down and went right back to work translating Scripture!

All who witnessed this scene were deeply moved. God’s presence was keenly felt.



Dodging storms, our team used boats to deliver tools, technology, and training. We endured many an exhilarating boat ride where we held on for dear life as the choppy waters threatened to eject us from the boat.

But God is great and huge numbers of translation leaders and teams from various dangerous countries received training. Many of these believers are being actively persecuted for their faith. Please pray with us that each of these translation teams returns home safely and that God will bless and multiply their work to bring the Gospel to life in the languages of their countrymen.

The believers we met in Southeast Asia  and Oceania face many challenges in accessing the Gospel, and many language groups have yet to see a single word of Scripture. Their spiritual hunger, commitment, and dedication to translation is inspiring. Please—

  • Give to support these translation projects.
  • Spread the word to others who love God’s Word.
  • Pray for Christians who risk so much to translate God’s Word.
  • Pray for the unreached, that newly translated Scripture will bring transformation, village by village, nation by nation.

Thank you for praying and supporting Bible translation projects in lands where people are living without the Gospel in their own heart language!


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