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“You’ve validated our language, and you’ve validated us!”

29July, 2019

Wycliffe Associates

Tanzanian Translators show off their work

Translators for the Ndengereko language group have completed their New Testament . . . and they’re just getting started!

Swahili is more than just the mother tongue of over 98 million people. It’s also a gateway language, which means it can be easily used to translate the Bible into other languages of Africa. That’s why we’re so excited about the recent completion of our Swahili Gateway Language Project.

Now language groups like the Ndengereko of Tanzania are using the newly completed Swahili text as a springboard to translate God’s transforming Word into their heart language. To date, their translators have drafted the entire Ndengereko New Testament and have almost completed entering them into our software so the Scriptures can be printed and given to their people.

The Ndengereko translators are deeply grateful for your generosity and what these translated Scriptures means for their people. “We are a marginalized people,” says one Ndengereko translator. “But you’ve validated our language, and you’ve validated us. Thank you!”

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