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This blog post is reporting back on the many ways in which God is using Bible translation projects around the world to strengthen believers and draw the unreached to Himself. In the words of Stephen Martin, Vice President of Field Development at Wycliffe Associates—

God is great!

Bible translation projects are underway in dozens of countries, each one actively working with a zeal for God’s Word. Each day, Scripture is coming to life in language groups who never had the training, tools, or encouragement they needed. Until now.

Many Christians in impoverished countries shared the belief that they and their people groups were simply not important enough in the eyes of other believers—or in the eyes of God—to have Scripture translated into their language. This must break God’s heart.

But the Bible translation technology and training that supporters like you provide are changing the narrative they’ve been told for generations! We’re launching new projects and helping local churches print and distribute God’s Word to others so they will know:

You are not forgotten.
You are beloved by God.
God speaks your language!

Seeing God’s Word in the language of your heart, the language you truly understand, changes everything. Just ask Gudeta . . .

He had no Bible to read, to study, to learn the truth of God’s love because it didn’t exist in his language. But at a translation workshop in Ethiopia, Gudeta finally saw Scripture in a language he could wholeheartedly understand. That’s when he saw and felt the vastness of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice. He says:

I lost my parents many years ago. I started feeding myself from childhood by doing labor work. I was homeless for many years.


I felt like I was created for nothing and that no one loved me—including God.


But today, I heard the Word of God speaking: God the Father sent his only Son to the world because he loved the world. So, I realized that I am not alone. Jesus was sent to me many years ago.


From now on, I know I am not a forgotten person.

Another moving story of transformation happened recently in Zambia, where God led Kossa to a Bible translation workshop and transformed his life through newly translated Scripture! He shares:

Thank you very much for this seminar because it opened my eyes to Christ. I was fascinated by the subject of redemption. We were dead in our sins, but God raised us from the dead.


I was able to read it!


Just as God created the universe out of nothing by the power of His Word, so God created us in Christ Jesus by His mighty power. God is with me, and I receive Him from now on.


I ask for you to pray for me, and I am ready to be baptized.

This is the miracle that happens over and over as God’s Word comes to life through Bible translation projects! When they see and understand the gospel because it is in their native language, their eyes and hearts are finally opened to meeting their Savior!

This Easter season, for the sake of the people who are isolated, unreached, and who believe they are unloved, please pray that God will move in many hearts to complete Bible translations that will win souls away from despair and darkness and into the light of His love!

In addition to your prayers, please consider giving as you are able to launch more translation projects because there is a long list of language groups who are waiting, hoping, and praying for a chance to see and share Scripture in their own language for the very first time after many years of waiting.