Women carrying baskets in South Asia

As Hiran helped translate the Scriptures into his heart language, God spoke to him.

Countless blessings are emanating from our Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation (MAST) training events. Churches are taking ownership of Bible translation projects in their communities. Groups of national translators are working in tandem to translate the Scriptures faster than ever before. And the lives of many of the translators are being transformed through the power of God’s Holy Word.

Hiran* is one such Bible translator. This educated young man from South Asia had committed to becoming a Hindu monk, but when he learned about a MAST workshop in his community and the opportunity to translate the Scriptures into his heart language, he agreed to help. His team of translators was one of four language groups that set out to translate the New Testament.

As Hiran began the work of translating, word by word, something happened. The deeper he got into the work, the more God touched his heart. By the end of the training event, Hiran became convinced that Jesus is the Son of God, and he gave his life to Christ. He continues to help with Bible translation, and he loves writing songs of praise.

Stories like this are coming in from around the world, wherever MAST training events occur, and they underscore the impact and importance of having God’s Word in one’s own language. Thank you for your continued support—not just to start new translation projects, but to help start a new work in the lives of people like Hiran.

*Name changed to protect identity.