Girls in the DRC

It’s a frequently asked question from people eager for God’s Word.

As soon as the Old Testament Scriptures are translated into Ki* and checked for accuracy, local churches are using it in worship services and Bible studies.

After a long day of Bible translation, Ayo* was taking a walk in his village when he suddenly heard his name being called. He turned to find a gentleman approaching him with an excited look on his face. “Why aren’t you working on Bible translation?” the man asked.This wasn’t the first time Ayo had heard the question from fellow villagers. It had become a common inquiry whenever he was out and about. Though his people already enjoy a New Testament in Ki, their heart language, they are eager to have a complete Bible. As they see it, there’s not a moment to spare.

Ayo doesn’t mind the questions. As part of the translation team, he’s as eager as anyone to see the Ki Old Testament completed. In fact, the community’s longing for God’s Word only inspires him further to finish the race.

Ten Old Testament books have been translated into Ki so far, and Ayo and his team are committed to completing the task God has set before them.

Thank you for partnering with them through your prayerful support!

*Names have been changed.

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