Mountains in South Asia

Naomi* was a teenager when she trusted Jesus as her Savior. Growing up, she not only learned her local language (Bee*) but also her home country’s national language, and English too. Little did she know that God was preparing her to be an integral part of translating Scripture in South Asia—or that attending a Bible translation workshop would change her life.

WA: How did God lead you to be involved in Bible translation?

Naomi: My mother was participating in a Wycliffe Associates translation workshop for the Bee Bible (my heart language). I only went to keep her company. At first, I thought the Bee Bible was not important, because all the people I know speak the national language. But as I started to help with the translation, my perspective changed.

WA: How did you become a Bible translation training facilitator?

Naomi: I was so encouraged when we completed the Bee New Testament, and I started to get involved in other translation events, encouraging others through my experience. I soon realized that God was leading me into this and was using me for His kingdom.

WA: Why do you feel it’s important for people to have God’s Word in their mother tongue?

Naomi: When people read the Bible in their own language, it’s easier for them to understand . . . the message goes deeper into their hearts.

WA: Is there anything on your heart that you’d like to share with people who support this ministry?

Naomi: I would love to thank all the generous partners. If it wasn’t for their help and support, this great work would not be possible. God has placed us in different locations, but it is our duty, working together, to bring the translated gospel to all people.

*Name has been changed for security reasons.