Pastor Du* grew up in the Muslim culture and followed Islam to the point of despising Christianity. But someone gave him God’s Word, where he read the Christmas story for the first time. And that changed everything!

My name is Du, and being a Muslim, I thought salvation could only be earned with good deeds. Then someone offered me a pocket-sized Gospel, and I started to read it. When I read Matthew 1:21, it said, “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (NIV).

I began to search for this person, asking myself, “Who is this Jesus who saves people from their sins?” I was able to meet with some people and began to study from both the Bible and the Quran, and one day it dawned on me:

Without Christ’s blood, there is no way that I can truly be saved. This led me to accept Jesus into my life.

I have been serving the church now for 20 years, and I joined the TDK* Bible translation project because we still do not have any Scripture in our mother tongue. I knew it was essential that I take part—translating, typing, distributing, and informing others—so that my people can know the Word of God in their own language and find everlasting life in Christ.

God has blessed the efforts of the TDK translation team, which has completed 20 books of the New Testament and is close to finishing the remaining seven books. Lord willing, the team will begin the Old Testament before the end of the year. Praise God!

*Names and photo have been changed for security reasons.