The biggest unreached people group in the world is the more than 50 million people who are Deaf and Blind. But now, they can actually read the Scriptures through our revolutionary new “language” that is transforming lives—SUN!





Especially in Africa, if a child is born Deaf, family members think they and their loved ones did something wrong and are being punished. Or family members are worried that Deaf children are vulnerable, so they hide them away.


Wycliffe Associates met a 12-year-old boy who was born in an African village and abandoned by his parents when they learned he was Deaf. He lived . . . but had no life. He had never been taught to read, write, or sign. He was tucked away, out of sight . . . but everything would change when SUN came to his village!




The prayers and financial support from many caring believers are making it possible for Wycliffe Associates to hold SUN workshops in areas where the Deaf and Blind have few opportunities to learn, read, communicate, grow, develop, achieve, and lead productive lives.


So far, our workshops have been held in 30 nations around the world, and 21 of those have been in Africa—predominantly Muslim-African nations.


For the 12-year-old boy mentioned previously, the revolutionary SUN “language” developed by Wycliffe Associates was life-transforming! The language is made up of a set of 3D symbols, raised on the page like Braille and read by touch . . . SUN can be learned and read by anyone in any language group on Earth!


Lessons begin in the Book of Mark, so while the 12-year-old was given the opportunity to learn for the first time in his life, he was also learning he is loved, forgiven, and has a Father in heaven who will never abandon him!




With a local church partner, SUN classes were held to teach SUN and sign language to the children during their religious instruction hour. So, all the children, whether they were Muslim, Hindu, or Christian, gathered together to learn a life-transforming new language while also learning about the Lord!




Conducting a SUN workshop in the DRC was a historic event because the Deaf and Blind there had so few opportunities in life. SUN lessons brought hope to those who had never had access to education or the Bible. The experience will also help remove other challenges they face in life as they network and build confidence.


The workshop involved six Deaf Muslims who were able to read and write through SUN, and three among them were so touched by their salvation lesson they asked to join in Christian fellowship.


One student shared, “I am grateful for this training because we Deaf people here have never participated in a big event that brings us together like this. That’s why my colleagues and I, being Muslims, did not want to miss this event. I would have [felt] regret had I not attended because I have been benefited with SUN. I’m happy to be able to write words, sentences, and my name through SUN, and I also got to learn about God as per Christian belief. If one day I am baptized to Christianity, don’t be surprised.”



One of the first stories SUN participants come across is Mark 7:31-37, where Jesus heals the Deaf man. The SUN participants were particularly struck by it and said, “God chose to include the Deaf in His book. He cares about us and did not forget us.”




This coming September 2023, there is going to be a mass training event happening in Brazil. In this nation, there are 11 million Deaf people. The SUN event will bring together 200 facilitators, including educators, community leaders, and others to reach as many people as possible. It’s the largest SUN event yet. Please pray with us that God will use this event to transform hundreds of hearts, bringing them hope for this life and the promise of an eternity with God.




God has opened a door to reach the largest unreached people groups in the world—the more than 50 million souls who are the Deaf and Blind. Many churches are asking for SUN training for the Deaf and Blind in their communities so they can know God’s Word.


You can be part of the miracle that happens when children and adults—Deaf and Blind from childhood—read John 3:16 for the first time and learn there is a God who has always known and loved them!


Only funds stand in the way. Please pray with us, spread the word by sharing this blog, and give as you are moved to help raise $80,000 to train children and adults in SUN so they too can experience God’s Word for the first time. Your gift will help provide books and teaching materials, trainers, and more so SUN workshops can bring God’s Word to countries where the Deaf and Blind need the Gospel.


Thank you for giving to share God’s Word through the life-transforming new SUN language with Deaf and Blind people all over the world!