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As only God can, He has opened a door to share His mercy and love with the unreached who are struggling to survive in parts of the world where there is little or no clean water available to them.


Imagine having only filthy, disease-ridden water, which could take hours to reach by foot over difficult, dangerous terrain. But you have no choice because you and your family have to have water to survive, to cook with, to prevent life-threatening illnesses from taking hold.


This is the case in many areas where Bible translators are at work. They labor each day to give their people the greatest gift that can be given—God’s Word and, with it, the path to salvation. Yet the people they long to reach are mired in an endless, life-threatening quest for water . . . like Alina.


Her village in Africa is one of countless thousands where clean water is hard to come by. She knows that dirty water is deadly, but clean water is a long way away, and it’s heavy to carry. So she was excited to visit a new water well where she hoped to draw the water her family needed to survive.


The water well Alina visited was made possible by friends like you to provide the life-giving gift of clean water to national Bible translators and their communities.


Just as it was when Jesus walked the earth, a well or clean water source in a village like Alina’s becomes the gathering place for an entire community. This means translators have a place to reach the unreached, sharing the Scriptures they have just translated! Entire villages will come together to hear biblical truths in the language of their hearts for the very first time!


Alina’s life was changed at the well.


She was thrilled to see fresh, clean water fill her buckets. And it was there that Alina heard God’s Word being read by a local pastor in the language of her heart . . .


She was stunned by the beauty and power of the truth, so much so that she accepted Christ as her Savior right then and there!


With her supply of fresh, clean water, Alina hurried home to tell her husband what had happened. They visited a local church where he, too, heard the Good News for the first time . . . in his own heart language.


Water—clean water—led Alina to hear God’s Word from the lips of a local pastor who couldn’t wait to share newly translated Scriptures. They explained that faithful friends like you made both things possible—clean water and the Living Water of God’s Word.


“God gave water,” Alina said in amazement—“by way of people who do not know us.”


That was Alina’s first encounter with the Christlike compassion of believers like you who are willing to give God’s Word and the life-giving gift of clean water . . .


We can provide tools and training for Christians to dig water wells and build clean water systems for their villages, which will end suffering and save lives!


Please partner with us to equip the Bible translation teams of seven language groups with clean water. It will take $110,000 to outfit all seven communities, and in each one it will serve as a beacon God uses to provide the clean water that transforms lives physically and spiritually!