Refugee Family Bible Translators

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Mary,* a 21-year-old Christian woman who has been living as a refugee in a sensitive location since 2015. Here she shares how her family pulled together to help translate the Old Testament in Pi*, one of the most spoken languages in the world.

WA: How did you become involved with Bible translation?

Mary: I grew up with five elder sisters and one brother in a family culture of strong Christian values and daily prayer. All of us have desired to serve God since we were kids. So, when we got this opportunity, we were very excited. Each of us passed a Pi* language test to get involved in our first Bible translation workshop.

WA: What is your role in Bible translation?

Mary: I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to work as a national translator and typist. Pi is the 10th most spoken language in the world and is spoken by the majority of the population of my home country.

WA: Why do you think it’s important for people to have God’s Word in their heart language?

Mary: When we read the Bible, it becomes easier to understand. God’s Word, it speaks to our hearts directly.

WA: How have you seen lives changed or impacted by Bible translation?

Mary: For one, it has greatly impacted me. I have been listening to Bible stories from the Old Testament in the trade language since I was in Sunday School. But I always found it very difficult to read because it wasn’t in my heart language. So, when we were doing translation, it was the very first time that I could thoroughly understand it. I know the Pi Old Testament will transform many lives.

WA: How are Wycliffe Associates supporters impacting Bible translation?

Mary: We pray that God bless[es] each and every member in the WA family and all those who are supporting financially. By your support and contribution, God has enabled us to translate the Bible to advance His kingdom.

*Names have been changed for security reasons.