Bringing the Word to North Africa

In Northeast Africa, the persecution of Christians is crushing, even in refugee camps. But God is working through you to bring His Word of hope to this corner of the world. 

Faven* was glued to the screen, her eyes taking in every word and movement on the small video player. For the first time, she was hearing Scripture in her own language—the story of the prodigal son. As she absorbed the poignant account of love, forgiveness, and returning to God, the words pierced her heart, and she knew there was truth in them. She also knew she must share these words with her husband, Haile*.

When Haile arrived home, Faven eagerly shared what she had seen and urged him to watch the video. He, too, was moved by God’s Word in his native tongue, and together this precious couple placed their faith in Christ. Faven and Haile are just two of the many new believers in Northeast Africa who desperately need your prayers. In this Muslim stronghold, they are at constant risk of severe persecution. After the government shut down the evangelical churches, Christians now meet secretly in homes and even in cemeteries to try to stay under the radar. If they are caught, they are rounded up like cattle and crammed into large shipping containers—makeshift prisons that are blazing hot during the day and frigid cold at night. It is heartbreaking. 

Yes, God’s message of love and salvation through His translated Word can undo the evils being endured by Christians in this part of the world. That’s why Wycliffe Associates is committed to Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation training (MAST) for translators in the region, and to translating popular Bible stories. MAST is a proven, rapid-translation methodology where multiple teams of national translators work side by side to translate books of the Bible simultaneously and at a faster pace. For the Ta* language group alone, 50 Bible stories have been translated, printed, and distributed to people like Faven and Haile.

Please pray for this dear couple and for our other brothers and sisters in Christ who face unimaginable persecution simply for calling Jesus “Lord.”

*Names and photos changed to protect identity.