The following is an excerpt from a note we received from Noemi, an educator in the Philippines whom God has called to help translate the Scriptures for her people. She recently participated in a MAST Bible translation workshop, and her heart is sure to bless yours.

“I am Noemi from the Philippines. I thank the Lord because I was given the privilege to come to the translation workshop. I am a teacher with lots of work to do, but my supervisor allowed me to join this event.

This Ik* language translation will have a great impact on my people, especially the current generation. Now they will be able to understand the Word; now they will be able to understand what Jesus is saying to them.

"This translation helped me become closer to God."

When I was translating, I understood more the life of Jesus, the lives of His disciples, the lives of those who followed Him, His sacrifice for us, and the hope to those who will hear His Word. I also appreciated more of His goodness in my life. This translation helped me become closer to God.

I want to thank our loving facilitators as they patiently helped us in translating the Word of God. Praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Thank you for partnering with faithful translators, like Noemi, who are committed to serving God so that others might know Him!

*Name has been changed for security reasons.

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