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Bible translators for the Di* language group found themselves in a dilemma. Though they eagerly wanted to work on the translation of their New Testament, their village had no power. This made it impossible to translate at night, and during the daytime they had to work to feed their families.  

Thankfully, you helped provide the perfect solution: solar power.

Through the support of partners like you, Wycliffe Associates was able to install a high-tech solar power system that allows the dedicated Di language team to work on translation of the Scriptures day or night

Since the installation of the solar power system, they have translated the entire New Testament in their own heart language for their people!

In the face of challenges, the Lord continues to bring His transforming Word to this restricted area of Asia. And He’s working through you to do it.

Join with Bible translators from a persecuted country in Asia to pray that God will bless their work and make His greatness known. 

Thank you for letting your light shine in Asia and around the world! 

*Name has been changed to protect identity. 

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