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From their hearts to yours

You are partnering with national Bible translators around the world who are wholly committed to bringing God’s life-giving Word to their people. They are deeply grateful for you and for the chance to minister together. And we’d like to introduce you to a couple of these faithful servants. . . .

Good day to all of you brothers and sisters in Christ. I am from the tribe of Ik,* and I'm one of those who came to do translation recording. I continue to praise the Lord and thank Him, because I know that He is the One who helps us through the Holy Spirit during our translation of His Word. I want also to thank everyone for helping us. I believe that what we have done will help every life that has faith in God, and that the Lord will give freedom to those who will hear what we have translated. May His name be praised forever. Hallelujah!


My name is Arnel.* I am a native speaker of the Cu* language, and I was one of the translators who decided to be a part of this task of translating the Bible into our language so that our own people will be able to understand more about God. Not all people are able to read and write or know how to access the Internet in order to have more knowledge about God. Bible translation is such a blessing for us, for I believe that this will widen our understanding. I thank the Lord for all of you who help us translate the Word into our language.


Thank you for partnering with Jestle and Arnel and other national Bible translators worldwide so that more people can come to know Jesus!

*Names have been changed for security purposes. Photo is not of Jestle and Arnel.

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