The hopelessness that I heard in Javad’s* story was unforgettable (I’ve changed his name to protect him because he’s fled an oppressive regime). And as I recall his testimony, I can already feel a lump in my throat. God’s Word is powerful, and the work of national Bible translators is literally saving lives . . . physically AND spiritually.

Here’s what he shared with us.

From a very young age—when little kids’ eyes are glowing with possibility and promise—Javad was doing everything he was told to do to please a god that seemed so far out of reach. You would find him hanging on the coattails of his father and his grandfather at the mosque, mimicking their every move.

Javad’s family members were very devout Muslims. They practiced all their prayers, they fasted, and they followed every guideline from their mosque . . . no matter what was asked.

Javad wanted to be accepted, to be known as someone who was devout and religious, but what he remembers most about those days is heartbreaking and devastating. Javad was taught that Allah would not approve of him because his sins were so numerous.

After all he had done, he still wasn’t good enough.

Soon after, Javad felt he had no reason to care about his spiritual state, so he gave in completely to sin. Nothing mattered anymore . . . and if Allah didn’t approve of Javad, why should he try to please him?

Facing Hopelessness

“I couldn’t change anything, not even myself,” Javad said. “I didn’t have any hope for the future. I just felt like this was the end.” With nothing to live for—his heart overcome by darkness and despair—Javad thought the best thing he could do was end his life.

The guilt and the shame were overwhelming—a burden that he just couldn’t bear anymore.

My heart ached as Javad described the anguish he felt.

This is what complete hopelessness looks like.

No Bibles, No Hope

Javad thought if he could escape his country, maybe that would help him. Maybe the fresh start would bring the transformation he desired—he could be a better person and gain Allah’s favor . . . start over.

Nothing changed. One evening, Javad found himself on a balcony, crying uncontrollably, ready to end it all. Miraculously, in that moment, he remembered a cross he saw in the streets of his new country, and he felt like he needed to start asking some questions.

Javad had one Christian friend who could answer his questions, and he began to learn about the story of Jesus. With a printed copy of God’s Word in his hands—in a language he could understand—he learned about a God who would forgive him and show him grace. Javad repented, opened up his heart, and accepted that grace. Transformation was taking place—light was piercing the darkness of Javad’s heart!

“I have hope!” Javad said. “I found the good Father in Heaven, and he helped me get out of the dark.”

God’s Word Makes all the Difference

Javad is just one example. Millions of people are still wanting to hold God’s Word in their hands . . . waiting to have the opportunity to study Scripture . . . to receive the joy of God’s Word ministering to them in the midst of their hopelessness.

We have requests from language groups around the world asking for Print On Demand equipment that would allow them to print God’s Word in their heart languages and share it with their neighbors.

Right now, we are trying to raise $45,000 to provide Print On Demand units in some of the most vulnerable places on earth. These are places where even owning a Bible could be a death sentence—and yet, the door is open for the light of God’s Word to pierce the spiritual darkness of these places.

A Life Transformed

I rejoice to know that Javad’s life has been transformed by the Word of God! But my heart is heavy for these language groups that are still waiting to have God’s Word printed in their heart language.

Javad knows what it’s like to try to read the Bible in a language that is not his heart language. “If I read [the Bible in another language], I might understand 10 percent,” Javad said. “But when you translate and print God’s Word in the heart language of a community . . . life-transformation happens!”

Some of these communities have waited generations, and they are eager for their wait to be over. Others have experienced such extreme persecution at the hands of oppressive regimes, and they are hungry for the words that you and I cling to in times of uncertainty and turmoil. They have heard the powerful stories of God’s Word transforming lives, but they long to hold the Scripture in their hands. They long to read it, study it . . . to hide it in their hearts . . . and then also give the power of God’s Word to their neighbor.

We can do something!

You and I can be the key to these communities holding God’s Word in their hands.

I ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help right now. You can give light and hope to those trapped in spiritual darkness and hopelessness.

When you give today, you will help provide Print on Demand units so they can study and share God's Word!

Please give as generously as you can!

Help Provide God's Word!

*Name changed for security reasons