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Warring Tribes Reconcile at MAST Training

27September, 2017

Wycliffe Associates

MAST Training in DRC

The walls of division between them were tall and thick, and no amount of singing “Kumbaya” was going to break them down.

The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with the proverbial knife. Distrust . . . resentment . . . hostility . . . these were all in attendance, along with translators from five different tribes—people groups who have been at war with each other for years and years.

These folks from the Democratic Republic of the Congo had come together for a two-week MAST training workshop to begin translating the Bible into their own heart languages. But many of the attendees had serious doubts that this joint effort could ever work. After all, the pain and trauma they carried with them were spillovers from the Rwandan genocide. They had experienced great suffering and loss, and blame rested on the other people in the room.

How could they possibly shake hands? Or share a meal together? Or, God forbid, sleep in the same quarters? Indeed, the walls of division between them were tall and thick, and no amount of singing “Kumbaya” was going to break them down. No, this would take a miracle.

Well, it turns out that God was in the room, too, and He has a long track record when it comes to miracles. Slowly, as focus shifted to the work of Bible translation, the Holy Spirit began chipping away at hardened hearts. Then, as His words were translated, they took on new life for the translators and spoke to them like never before. That’s when the barriers began to crack, then crumble, and ultimately shatter into oblivion.

Joy took over as the translators came together in Christian fellowship, unified by a common purpose: to translate God’s Word and glorify Him.

Thank you for allowing God to move through you to bring MAST to the nations—not just to translate Scripture, but to work miracles in the hearts and lives of His faithful servants.

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