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Volunteer Opportunity: Catch a WAVE in Orlando!

30August, 2017

Wycliffe Associates

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Have you felt God’s call to long-term or short-term ministry? Are you wondering how your skills and talents can be used to accelerate Bible translation? Consider catching a WAVE!

Wycliffe Associates Volunteer Education (WAVE) is a new series of classes designed to help you learn the latest strategies and tools used in the advancement of Bible translation. This series of classes will highlight technology, media, MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation), church networking, and more. WAVE will help you identify how to use your skills to serve God with Wycliffe Associates.

Our team will help you choose from the one or two week classes offered during the 10-week WAVE program or, if you desire, you may attend them all. Classes are small and aim to give you maximum exposure to all aspects of Wycliffe Associates’ global ministry.

All courses are offered at our Orlando, Florida headquarters. Classes are forming now for the upcoming October-December term. Additional classes will be offered in 2018 during January 8 – March 16 and April 2 – June 8.

Through WAVE, we hope to match people with service opportunities that will strengthen their personal relationship with God while accelerating Bible translation for the millions of people still waiting to read God’s Word in their heart language.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Ruben Garay at 1-800-THE WORD (843-9673) or email us. Ruben will provide you with additional details and tell you how to register for WAVE.

Thank you for praying and sharing this program within your circles of influence to help us connect with people interested in serving with Wycliffe Associates.

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