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URGENT PRAYER ALERT: Spiritual Battles at Bible Translation Workshops

23October, 2018

Prayer Coordinator

man praying holding Bible | Wycliffe Associates Accelerating Bible Translation


The spiritual battle is fully engaged and attacking on many levels, especially in the sensitive areas of the world. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), North Africa, and Indonesia! Right Now! Where Bible translation MAST workshops are taking place and where meetings were to be held with potential new partners—so more Bible translation projects can start.

Your prayers are urgently needed. Who do we pray for?

  • National Bible translators experiencing intense opposition at a MAST event. Because of the peace in her heart, the lead trainer was able to say, “God will make a way."

  • Pastor Kenneth, our incoming Program Manager in the highlands of Papua New Guinea who lost four teenage nephews in a tribal fight where Bible translation is taking place.

  • Our people in the Pacific, doing God’s work, under attack by the Enemy. A leader of a current MAST event who’s sickened by malaria. At another MAST event, one of the generators died where five oral translations were ready to begin recording. Right now, one workshop is surrounded by tribesmen coming from a nearby village that practices black magic.

  • One MAST national trainer, preparing for this week’s workshop, whose drunken brother destroyed her home, breaking all the windows. She says that though the Devil is trying to prevent all the good work she is starting, she will never give up.

  • One meeting with new partners had to be cancelled because one person was hurt in a bicycle accident and taken to the hospital. The other partner became seriously ill over the weekend and had to be medicated and put on 10 days of bed rest.

  • At one of our properties, thieves took the valuables. The Bible translation teams ask for your undivided attention in praying for Team PNG. Pray for a cover of protection over Wycliffe Associates Education Services and Field Operations personnel.

And pray for 70-year-old Batwa Bible translator, Mama Jovanis, that God will provide for her needs and help her finish the Bible translation work. She said following the MAST workshop in Uganda, “I am filled with a lot of joy to be here translating the Scriptures.”

Friends, this is why we must pray diligently for Bible translation workshops, the ongoing work following the workshops, the checking in the villages and in the churches, and the final products, whether Scripture is printed or recorded. The Bible, when read and understood changes lives, and it brings light where there was darkness and love where there was hatred.

This is why we must pray without ceasing, that the Lord God will empower us all to win the spiritual battles against the Evil One. With God’s power, we can do all things.

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