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They're Under Attack—Are WE Ready?

29November, 2018

Prayer Coordinator

Bible translators are under attack

Are we surprised? We are taking Satan’s territory—every time another language group gets the Word of God in their language.

When Scripture is translated into the heart language, people will read and know and understand the spiritual battle.

Not just that—these believers stand strong.

They fight back.

They face persecution.

They risk their jobs, their homes, and their very lives to share God’s Word with their families, friends, and communities.

A pastor in the Middle East expects to be martyred.

An 18-year old Bible translator’s home in Papua New Guinea was burned to the ground while she attended her first MAST workshop. But then she helped facilitate the next MAST, and her grandfather’s home and coffee business were utterly destroyed. She prayed that her grandfather would forgive those who destroyed everything he had. Bearing such pain and loss, she said, “God really answered my prayers! He is the one I’m putting my hope in . . . Satan will not dictate my destiny, for I believe in God. He is the Living Reality!”

A team of four Africans—now in Bible translation training—is on the run and hunted, because they are sharing the gospel. Please “just pray for us,” they ask.

Friends, my heart aches. These are people we know and love. They are Bible translators. We’ve spent hours training them during MAST workshops. We spend time teaching them how to use computer tablets and software, so they will be successful translating Scripture into their own languages. We rejoice with them every time a chapter of Scripture is completed.

More than 600 language groups are anxiously waiting for us to help them launch a Bible translation next year. They are prepared by God to enter the intense battle—doing the work of translating the Bible into their own languages.

There is only one question left—are WE ready?

Are we ready to help—to provide them with the tools, technology, and training?

Are we ready to be their intercessor—to diligently pray for them?

Are we ready to help financially—providing the funds for the tools and training that they need?

Stand with me, dear prayer partners, and pray that our Lord God will use us to be encouragers, building up the MAST training teams, praying for their health, safety in travel, and success in teaching Bible translation methods.

Join me in praying for the national Bible translators using computer tablets for the first time, that they will be successful getting all of their translation efforts safely stored in an online location where it cannot be destroyed.

Bow with me in prayer, humble before the Holy and Living God, asking for help so that we will be faithful in holding up to the Lord national Bible translators, that they will be protected from the attacks of the Evil One.

Dear ones, let’s praise the Lord God together for He is the only one who answers prayer and keeps His own safe in His strong arms.

Praying together,
Prayer Coordinator
Wycliffe Associates

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