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"The Most Precious Thing for Me and My People”

11July, 2017

Bruce Smith

Thank you!

Thank you for so much for participating in our Translation Today event on June 29th. With the generous help of friends like you we raised $43,243. Praise God! 

Now two new Bible translations are starting and God’s Word will be made available to two new people groups in Southeast Asia in their heart language—for the very first time!

Your support is literally changing the world. God’s Word is advancing on every front, driving back the forces of darkness and transforming lives forever.

The collaborative MAST translation method is accelerating the process of bringing the Bible to all people groups in their own language. You’ve been a vital part of that amazing work, and I’m so grateful that you care enough to be involved!

Here’s what this has meant to people around the globe:

“I never imagined having the Bible in our language. But because God is so gracious toward us, He is using Wycliffe Associates so we have the New Testament in our language. That gives us peace of heart. National Bible Translator

“MAST has helped me learn to truly meditate on God’s Word. It is getting pastors highly involved in the translation as accuracy checks, so the church has taken on more ownership. I know my translation will help [my people] grow in their walk with the Lord. I am blessed because I know my work will have eternal dividends.”  National Bible Translator

“Translating the Bible into our language is a very heavy burden—so heavy that we could not bear it. But now with the help of Wycliffe Associates, we are able to carry the burden.”  National Bible Translator

“To translate the Bible into [our] language has long been our prayer. This prayer is answered through MAST. Thank you everyone in Wycliffe Associates for making it possible. To be able to have the Bible in our own language is the most precious thing for me and my people.”  National Bible Translator

Testimonies like this are what inspire us to keep going. I hope you’ll see the wonderful result of your giving—and stay involved.

Thank you again, and God bless you.

Until the task is done,

Bruce A. Smith
Wycliffe Associates

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