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Sending Sweet Scripture to Those Still Without It

13November, 2017

Wycliffe Associates


Mother-tongue translator takes a cue from the words of Nehemiah.

Following is an excerpt from an interview with Tebogo Tshenyego, a Bible translator in Botswana who helped kick off a MAST training workshop by leading a devotion from Nehemiah 8:10. The two-week event, which you helped make possible, drew 68 translators representing five language groups.

My name is Tebogo Tshenyego, and I am from Botswana. I am the third one in my family, and my family really loves the Lord. I thank God that He is doing wonders in my life and [that] I got to be a part of the MAST workshop.

Nehemiah said something strange to the people: “As you drink, as you eat out of your homes, remember there are those who have nothing to enjoy.” So he’s saying, “Send portions to those who have nothing prepared.” Deep down in the rural areas are people who do not know the Bible. They don’t have the Bible in their vernacular. With our MAST workshop, as we eat [translate] the sweet Words of God, we are sending portions to those “who have nothing prepared.” 

That is why we say 'send in portions.' Allow them that opportunity. Let them open Scripture in their mother tongue, and they will see God. It’s one thing to read the Word of God in English. But when it comes to you in your mother language, it becomes easy on you. It really touches to the deep. So that is what MAST has brought to us, and we thank God."

Thank you for supporting the efforts of faithful servants like Tebogo—and for helping send sweet Scripture to those who are without it.

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