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Prayer Requests: It Begins with Community Checking

14March, 2017

Prayer Coordinator

young man praying | Wycliffe Associates | Accelerating Bible Translation


Four or five language groups at a time will take home God’s Word, whether printed or recorded, to be community checked. Do you wonder what that is all about? It’s public reading, listening to God’s Word for the first time in the people’s own heart language!

The translators need to know if the newly translated verses sound natural to the listener. They also need to know if the truth of Scripture is heard and clearly understood.

It’s happening all around the world following the two-week MAST workshops. Please pray with us for the hundreds maybe thousands of believers and unbelievers—listening to God’s precious words of truth, of love, and of salvation. Pray for open hearts to respond to the gospel wherever it is presented.

Pray for national translators revising and finally producing the New Testament in their own people’s heart languages.

Pray that national translators will continue to be empowered to translate the entire Bible in their own language for their own people. And may the evil one be defeated wherever the Word of God is preached.

Ask our Lord to build His Church in these communities, so that believers will grow in faith as they study God’s Word. Pray they will share the gospel with their neighbors, friends, and families.

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