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Prayer Requests: Family Across the World

09July, 2017

Prayer Coordinator



We ask you to pray about our Lord's loving protection and provision for so many of our Wycliffe Associates' family across the world. Some are facing ever darker opposition and struggles just to do the Lord’s work on any given day.

Security and safety have grown to mean intentionally weighing where it is wise to go, when it is wise to meet, and what it is wise to do—or not to do—as we follow God’s Word and do His will.

Please ask Him and listen carefully to what He will have you do. We are in His family and under His watchful care; there is no safer place to be than in the center of His will. There our colleagues and partners find this assurance; let them work diligently to keep close to Him.

Let all who oppose see their plans and devices blunted and frustrated; may they receive justice from authorities and grace and mercy from God our Father.


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