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Prayer Requests: Banquet Plans, Promotions, and Presentations

05April, 2017

Prayer Coordinator

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Wycliffe Associates Banquet Area Directors completed their pre-tour team meetings. The facilities and menus have been planned and contracted. Area Directors and their speakers are preparing their presentations.

It’s time to be on our knees and pray. Pray for strength and health, safety and protection, clear minds and strong voices for each team as they pack their vans and prepare for their travels all across the United States.

Each of the six teams will travel from city to city for five-nights-a-week of presentations, and a new bed about every night—April 10 through May 13

So please pray with us:

Lord, please make every banquet team effective in sharing Wycliffe Associates’ vision: “A Bible in every language of the world by 2025!”

We pray that the attendees will listen to your voice and will respond to you in support of the advancement of Bible translation around the world in whatever way is meaningful for them.

We pray for the support of more MAST teams, more MAST events, and more Bible translations in 2017—more than ever before. We pray for a rich blessing on those attending each banquet meeting around the country.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray,


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