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PRAYER REQUEST: Vehicle Accident in Uganda

31January, 2019

Wycliffe Associates

Praying Hands on Bible | Wycliffe Associates | Prayer Request

Chris Smith, a team member on the Wycliffe Associates SUN* team in Uganda asks us to pray for the team that has been working out of Rukungiri Community Church. Please pray for the national driver and group that was returning to Rukungiri from Kigali—they drove off the road and everyone was taken to a clinic. They were then brought to the hospital there in Rukungiri. At least one has back damage. The vehicle was severely damaged. Please keep the SUN team in your prayers.

* SUN—Symbolic Universal Notation was created by a Wycliffe Associates team to give the deaf, the blind, and the deaf blind a way to access Scripture. Using 80 core symbols and corresponding combinations the deaf who do not know sign language can learn to communicate quickly.

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