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Passing the Baton

26February, 2019

Wycliffe Associates

Translators in the Phillipines, where the team can now run their own workshops

The result of back-to-back MAST workshops in the Philippines . . .

With 78 translators working on 18 languages, national Bible translators in the Philippines are now equipped to facilitate their own workshops. MAST Coordinator Sandi Roach explains why she’s excited to no longer be needed:

Wycliffe Associates has encouraged the churches to take ownership of the translation of their Bibles in their mother tongues. I was so excited to see the Philippines has gained self-sufficiency, much like Myanmar and Cameroon. You may ask why I was excited that I really wasn’t needed. Well, it is a Scriptural principle to continue to make disciples. The Philippines has developed a strong leadership base with a variety of facilitators from several language groups. When we can develop self-sufficiency within a country and work ourselves out of a job, it frees us up to start new languages in new countries so we become more cheerleaders than leaders.

Through your support, translation teams in the Philippines have completed significant Scripture portions in 18 languages, as well as audio recordings of their translated work. They are so excited about Bible translation that they are now helping neighboring countries launch their own Bible translation projects. Indeed, iron sharpens iron!

When you support Wycliffe Associates, you not only support Bible translators but also provide training and vital equipment for teams committed to sharing God’s message of salvation. Thank you for standing with them through your continued partnership.

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