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Opportunity: DevOps Engineer for Bible Translation

13July, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

DevOps Engineer Needed

Wycliffe Associates is looking for an experienced developer or cloud infrastructure engineer to join our team of techs helping to make the Bible available to everyone, everywhere, in every language. If you or someone you know fits this description, please read on and share this with your network!

The DevOps Engineer who fits our team is:

  • Equally comfortable working with a team of developers, infrastructure and support people, and internal customers.
  • Appreciative of the challenge of integrating what you know with new products and frameworks.
  • Doesn’t accept “it can’t be done.”
  • Wants working infrastructure that is automated, elegant, flexible, extensible, economical, and secure.
  • Takes ownership of projects and is proud to sign one’s name at completion.
  • Has a portfolio of projects to demonstrate what one has created.

The job:

  • Be part of Wycliffe Associates’ transition to DevOps.
  • Work closely with our Application Development Team to build out continuous integration, continuous deployment pipelines, and automated testing.
  • Review our current on-premise assets and evaluate which could be deployed to the cloud.
  • Jump into a fast-moving river of existing projects, plus have the space to help create new tools and systems for Bible translators.
  • Responsible to understand projects at a high-level, then build the infrastructure to run the code and applications.

You and your teammates will create solutions so the rest of the organization can focus on equipping the nations to translate the Bible to lead the world to Christ. You’ll propel the Bible toward universal availability.

We’ll give you a place where you can build things the way you’ve always wanted to and make a difference in the process. We’ll give you opportunities to grow, stretch, flex, and learn. Our benefits include:

  • Paid education and training
  • Paid certification attempts (whether you pass or fail)
  • Two weeks paid vacation (to start), plus a bunch of paid holidays
  • Health Insurance for you and your family
  • 1 paid conference per year

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to serve in this important role, please share or submit the application here: http://bibletechs.org/apply/

Thank you for praying and sharing this opportunity within your circles of influence to help us find the right person for this critical position!
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