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Opportunities for Trainers, Managers & Researchers!

03August, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

Opportunities for Trainers, Instructional Designers

Wycliffe Associates is looking for trainers, managers, and research coordinators who will help us dramatically accelerate Bible translation in service to the needs of the local church. If you or someone you know might be interested in these opportunities to share God’s Word in every language, will you please read on and share this with your network?

Our Instructional Designers develop, deliver, and maintain innovative curricula for mother-tongue translators so that they can use our resources as they translate the Bible into their own language. You will work with subject matter experts to identify learning needs and then adapt content for delivery in a variety of media for a broad range of translators, church leaders, and volunteers.

The SAIL Translation Managers coordinate volunteers who translate SAIL (Sensory Adaptive Immersion Literacy) content into majority languages so that the blind and deaf of any community in the world can receive and understand the Bible. These managers will encourage translators, build relationships, and communicate with international teams. Your management and basic computer skills could be instrumental in providing God’s Word to the blind and deaf.

The EAST (Experimental Assessment Support Team) Program Coordinator will oversee and develop specific research projects that ensure that our translation processes are of the highest standards. This coordinator must be passionate about perfecting Bible translation methodology. Your responsibilities will involve coordinating, conducting, and publishing the results of tests using translation events on the field or with cohort groups to test the theory and methodology of our processes for written, oral, and tactile Bible translations.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about these exciting opportunities to serve, please email us or call Jennifer Cunneen toll-free at 1-800-THE WORD (800-843-9673). Jennifer will provide you with more details about the positions, responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. She will also be available to assist you with the application process.

Thank you for praying and sharing this opportunity within your circles of influence to help us find the right person for these critical positions!

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