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Muslim Turns to Christ . . . and Bible Translation

01November, 2017

Wycliffe Associates


Shunned for his faith, Calixte remained loyal to Christ, who had rescued him.

Calixte’s father wanted nothing to do with him, banishing him from the house.

“Don’t go.”

Calixte looked around to see who had called out. There was no one. Once more he gripped the doorknob of the church exit, desperate to return home and take his life. Calixte had already purchased the pills that would surely do the job. The only reason he’d come here was because they let local university students drop in and use the church’s instruments, and he wanted to play the guitar one last time before ending it all. 

Again he heard the voice he would later come to understand as the Holy Spirit: “Don’t go!” 

Calixte knew in his heart that he wasn’t just hearing things. He looked around, but there was no one there.

Only a small prayer group huddled on the other side of the building. That’s when one of them looked up, saw the puzzled look on Calixte’s face, and quietly invited him to join them.

As the group prayed for Calixte, he felt God’s peace and love wash over him. And when they shared their own testimonies, he knew he wanted what they had. So he prayed to receive Christ.

Calixte had never felt more at peace. He felt like he was flying. Unfortunately, his family did not share his enthusiasm. He had grown up in a Muslim home, and his father wanted nothing to do with him, banishing him from the house. Despite that, Calixte knew in his heart that he could not turn away from Christ, who had rescued him. 

For 11 years, Calixte had no contact with his family. But when he was called into Christian service and was preparing to leave for four years of training, Calixte and his wife visited his father, who was actually quite glad to see him. And when Calixte completed his education, his father told his siblings that if they could not be Muslim, they could be like their older brother Calixte.

Today, 10 of Pastor Calixte’s family members are believers! And he is working with our translation partner in Burkina Faso, training new Bible translators. Pastor Calixte speaks six languages, and through MAST training workshops, he has helped four language groups complete the translation of the New Testament in their heart languages in less than a year! Thank you for the part you played in making this possible, and please pray for them as they’re now working on the Old Testament.

And in recent news... 

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