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“I Lack the Words to Express My Thanks and Appreciation”

27December, 2017

Wycliffe Associates

Kids in Nigeria

One translator’s heart is full of gratitude for MAST—and for you!

What happens when 10 translation teams representing 10 language groups come together for two weeks of MAST? Lots and lots of Bible translation!

That’s what occurred in Nigeria, when willing national translators attended back-to-back MAST workshops. Several of these translators traveled from areas where radical groups like Boko Haram are terrorizing families and communities, so they’re eager to help translate God’s Word to bring hope and healing to their people. They firmly believe that once they have the Bible in their own language, it will strengthen the faith and commitment of believers in this part of the world. 

“I lack the words to express my thanks and appreciation to Wycliffe Associates for their wonderful support to many languages in Nigeria,” said a grateful national Bible translator from a local language team. “I pray for them and wish they can go ahead to expand their support to more and more languages.”

As the teams continue their work, tremendous progress is being made. The Ora language team already translated the New Testament and 50 Open Bible Stories in less than a year! What a blessing!

These faithful translators are deeply grateful for your support, and we are, too—not just for your helping to make the MAST workshops possible but for supporting the construction of guest housing for translators who travel to the workshops. Thank you for giving them a home away from home!

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