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“God Is With Us Today and Every Day.”

17August, 2017

Wycliffe Associates

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Despite persecution, Pastor A and his congregation are pushing forward with MAST workshops, translating God’s Word.

Your prayers and support are releasing resources and impacting national translators like Pastor A,* who live in some of the most persecuted areas of the world.

“All that we had inside the church—they took them out and they burned them,” said Pastor A. His church has gotten off relatively easy compared to other troubled countries in West Africa. Throughout the region, the majority religion has been targeting Christian churches, burning their belongings and their property to the ground.

“Because we are committed in this work, we will go ahead in spite of the persecution,” Pastor A continued. “In spite of all the problems we are facing, we will go ahead because Jesus said He will go with us today and every day to the end of the world.”

One way the church is showing their commitment is by moving forward with MAST  (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) events, generously supported by partners like you. In recent months, workshops included participants representing three language groups. While all three teams are making tremendous progress, the Ga* team just completed the entire New Testament. Praise God!

*Names and location concealed for security purposes. Please pray for their safety.

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