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God is Not Dead

05December, 2017

Wycliffe Associates


Courageous group of believers translate the “M” New Testament in six months . . . and people are coming to Christ!

In the oppressed nation that is home to the “M”* language group, political leaders have worked long and hard to brainwash the people into believing that God is dead. Many have succumbed to their teaching rather than question it. But there are some among the “M” people who know better—believers who have discovered a personal relationship with God and know He is alive and well and at work in their lives.

Among them is an especially courageous group that is committed to translating the Scriptures despite the severe risks. Using our MAST translation strategy, this team recently completed the entire New Testament in just six months, and they are now making plans for the Old Testament. 

Just as heartening is that as the team continues their work among the “M” and other language groups, God is putting people in their path who are hearing about Christ’s love for the first time and are committing their lives to Him. Join us in praying that God will continue to work through this amazing group of faithful servants so that others might be transformed by His power and His Word.

*Names and photo changed for security purposes.

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