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DRC - New Testament in Ten More Languages

25February, 2019

Prayer Coordinator

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Please pray for the MAST workshop in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). About 450 national translators from ten language groups are translating the New Testament into their heart languages.

Due to the size of this event, Paul, a pastor from the Uganda MAST team, crossed the border to assist the Wycliffe Associates staff from DRC. When Paul was asked how it was going, his response was, “We had a few challenges, but we overcame in Jesus name. I know you are praying for us. God bless you.”

Please pray for each of the leaders and facilitators, especially for clear communication. Pray that the national translators will have courage, understanding, and be able to accurately translate the Scripture into their own language. Pray for good health for all.

Please pray with us—every day this week—that the translation teams will be protected from attacks by the Evil One. Pray that each of the ten language teams will indeed complete their New Testament. Pray that God will perform a miracle, and everything will get translated, typed, edited—then printed and assembled for each of the ten New Testaments. Pray they will return home and do their final accuracy checks in their churches and communities.

Pray also for the pastors reading the Scripture and preaching in the heart languages, that the people will clearly understand the gospel and hearts will be transformed.

Praying together,

Prayer Coordinator
Wycliffe Associates


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