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Coffee, Tea, and John 3:16

12November, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

A believer in Southeast Asia invites people in for coffee and tea.

How a former Muslim imam began a house church that is now 250 believers strong.

Bakti* doesn’t have any training in evangelism. Nor does he have a seminary degree. In fact, he used to be a Muslim imam (worship leader). But what Bakti does have is a passion for Jesus and a God-given talent for hospitality. And in his village in Southeast Asia, that was enough to start a church!

His approach was quite simple: open the door to his home and invite people in for coffee and tea. Oh, and write the John 3:16 passage on his walls and ceiling.

Then, after serving their drinks, Batki would ask his guests if they would like to receive salvation. That usually led to inquiries about the writings on the wall to which he would respond, “Believe Jesus, and you will be saved.” Then he let God do the rest.The impact that Bakti’s outreach has made in his community is amazing. In short order his house became a house church, and it’s now grown to 250 believers strong! What’s more, this wonderful church has helped lead more than 3,000 Muslim people to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Bakti is quick to credit God . . . and Bible translation in the community, specifically Wycliffe Associates MAST workshops, which are equipping local Christians to translate the Scriptures into the Bn* language. God is clearly working through partners like you to bring His life-transforming Word to this part of the world. Bible translation projects are currently underway for 100 languages in his nation, and another 70 languages are being launched. As translation work is going forward, the region is a Muslim stronghold where Christians suffer tremendous persecution, so your continued prayers and support are much needed.

Thank you for standing with us—and with faithful servants like Bakti—to bring the gospel message to Southeast Asia and around the world!

*Names changed to protect identities.

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