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A Diamond in the Rough

23July, 2018

Wycliffe Associates

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Out of suffering in a refugee camp comes a blessing of biblical proportions.

Some would call it a miracle. Amid the suffering and hopelessness of life in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya, a blessing has taken hold—in the form of Bible translation.

Kakuma is perhaps the last place on Earth you would expect to find Bible translation underway. Home to 185,000 refugees from Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan, the camp has been a place of sorrow, fear, and the unknown. But as of last December, when a MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) workshop was held for 11 Sudanese language groups, it is now also a place of immense hope. 

MAST is a proven translation strategy where teams of national translators work side by side to translate books of the Bible simultaneously—and with tremendous speed and accuracy. In the Kakuma Refugee Camp, 73 new mother-tongue translators showed up for training and began translating the Scriptures into their own languages. To date, this is the largest MAST event ever in Africa! And other refugees are taking notice.

“Sometimes, when I see people carrying the Scriptures in their languages, I feel frustration,” says Hani*. “I ask myself, ‘Why not me? Why not a Bible in my language?’ ”

Hani is no longer asking these questions. Please pray for her and others who are seeking to have MAST workshops start for their language groups.

Thank you for your part in bringing the hope of Christ to the refugees of Kakuma.

*Name has been changed to protect anonymity.

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