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A Cord of Three Strands

03May, 2017

Bruce Smith

Photo of Bruce with church leaders

Dear Friends,

I recently returned from a visit with our Bible translation partners in Ethiopia. The purpose of my visit was to hear firsthand from them about the challenges and opportunities for Bible translation in their nation. Once again, as in so many previous visits with our international partners, I was struck by their wisdom, knowledge, and insight into their situation. Their local understanding far exceeds anything we can see as foreigners.

Experience proves that the more we listen to them, follow their lead, and serve alongside them, the greater the impact will be for the kingdom of God.

Having partners who are local stakeholders in the long-term impact of God’s Word in their communities and nations is essential to effective Bible translation today.

We are currently serving 190 international partners accelerating Bible translation for their people. These range from very small nonprofit organizations with just a handful of staff to very large evangelical Christian denominations with millions of members. The increasing impact of Bible translation we are seeing correlates directly with the increasing engagement of the church in this ministry.

As strong as our partnerships are with local Christians, the vital third strand is you—our financial partners. Without your prayer and financial support, we would be poised for ministry but paralyzed. Your partnership empowers us to seize the opportunities God creates. Your stewardship is the instrument of God’s provision for His work.

Thank you for your vital partnership in Bible translation!

Until the task is done,

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